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AConstruAgile is the largest industry specialized in the Steel Frame method and BIM Projects in Brazil, a complete and innovative system of dry construction that contributes to a faster, more practical and sustainable work.


Operating for 11 years in Brazil and for over 18 years in Europe, we use advanced technologies with quality and safety to bring the best solutions to our customers.


We understand that each client has its uniqueness and needs, so we seek to bring the best experience, always with agility, efficiency and commitment in each project.


Our focus is to exceed expectations with results that impact people's lives. We do this with the best team of architects and engineers in dry construction projects.


An industry 4.0 that offers the most modern and efficient products on the market. We are ConstruÁgil!

Timeline ConstruÁgil

We transform the past and revolutionize the now. 


ConstruÁgil was born with the cornerstone.


We carried out the first major project in Brazil, in Rio Grande do Sul.


Construction of the ConstruÁgil Industrial Plant in Itajaí, Santa Catarina.


Calculation and cutting of the largest free span 100% in Steel Frame in Santa Catarina, with 35m.


Construction of the first hangar 100% in Steel Frame. 

Creation of the ConstruÁgil Academy, with the aim of training and specializing professionals in the Civil Construction area, in the Steel Frame system, through the Agile Methodology.


We standardize and implement all BIM technology in our processes 

We built the first prestressed laminated beam.


Industry expansion with more than 40 works in different sectors such as commercial buildings, religious temples, schools and industries.


Realization of the first work in seismic space and we became the first Steel Frame industry with LOD 500.


Transition to 100% digital operations and servers. 

We executed the first work using the Ballon Frame method in the Zanzibar project.


Continuous expansion of the BIM methodology.

Over 50% growth during the pandemic. 

Implementation of a HUB in Europe.


Launch of the 100mm profile, tripling production capacity.

We still have many more milestones to conquer!

Be part of it
of our expansion.

3 pillars that guide our company


Delight customer and partner

through technology and

industrialized processes

for civil construction.


To be a world reference in technological processes for industrialized constructions.


Respect among Employees, Dedication, Commitment, Commitment to Delivery, Punctuality, Quality, Creativity, Innovation, Agility, Integrity, Dignity.

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