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Agile Verdot

Module of 19.14m², with a differential, which can be used as a commercial space, or living room, and may have water and energy points for the implementation of a kitchen, this module can be attached to the Brut module, forming a reception with an office, or even a suite with kitchen and pantry, ideal for the Airbnb market.


Brut Agile

Module with 19.14m², can be very versatile, transforming itself from an office and corporate environment, to a large and comfortable suite, or even a pantry with a bathroom, and can be attached to other module models, forming a very comfortable modular residence, or even a transportable sales stand.


Agile Bordeaux

Module with 25.50m², it has everything you need for the implementation of a practical and compact residence, which can be for Airbnb, or even a fixed residence, being complete in a single module, containing a pantry with integrated kitchen, social bathroom and bedroom, the balcony can be removed increasing the area of the room.


Agile Petit Noir

The Petit Noir hut is a rustic and sophisticated property, built in steel frame, available for sale in white, unfinished and unfurnished. With a total of 30m² built, this cabin features a spacious suite.


Agile Syrah

Casa Syrah is a unique and modern property built in steel frame, available for sale in white, unfinished and unfurnished. With a total of 100m² built, this house has a bedroom, a bathroom, a suite, a service area and a living room and kitchen combined.


Agile Merlot

House designed with a modern architecture and integrated to the external environment. The house is a townhouse with 3 suites, social bathroom, kitchen, living room, garage for 2 cars and laundry, totaling 200m² of construction. The standard was designed to suit narrow lots and be a medium standard home.


Agile Malbec 12

House Malbec 12 has an architecture carefully thought out for Malbec wine, built with 359.20m². The property has an office for your work moments, living room with double height ceilings to receive your guests with elegance, kitchen and gourmet space integrated with the outdoor area for leisure time, garage for two cars, laundry room and social bathroom.

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