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Do you want to be an expert in the fastest growing area in the market?


It's 3 days of a lot of exchange of experiences and learning to bring the qualification you seek as a professional.

Secure your training now and conquer industry 4.0

Did you know that there are few specialists and professionals in Steel Frame in Brazil?

Become a high-performance specialist in the industrialized construction market

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At ConstruÁgil Academy you gain experience with complete modules of:

  • Post-Stressed Foundations

  • Steel Frame System and its accessories

  • modular structures

  • BIM and Specialty Projects

  • Internal and External Seal System

Join a network of expert knowledge

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- Is the course practical and theoretical?

It is a course dealing with the complete system, but it cannot be considered a practical course.

- Do you have a limited number of places?


- Do you have a certificate? What is the workload?

Yes, it has a certificate.


36 hours of classes and 96 hours of content

- If I pay in advance, can I get a discount?

Yes, with financial sector approval.

- What do I need to bring to attend classes? Any material?

The support materials for the classes (project notebook, PPE, Tools, etc.) will be provided by Construagil.

- Is the course only for specialized people?

No, our course is aimed at all types of people working in the Steel frame and Drywall area, with or without technical training.

- Location / Date and Contact?

BR 101, Km 125, Nº 12.500 - Shed 17, Canhanduba, Itajaí - SC

(47) 3346-4645

- What are the paying ways?

Payment by deposit:


Banco C6 S.A. - no. bank 336
Ag 0001
Cc 3376799-8
Construagil Construtora LTDA
CNPJ 18.336.510-0001-08

- Is the course validated by any institution in Brazil?

No, only validated by ConstruÁgil.

- Is it close to the Hotel or the Beach?

We indicate the closest and most accessible hotels to the Construagil address (IBIS and Hotel Estação 101).

- Will you have lunch?

Yes, being a lunch hour, from 12:30 to 13:30.

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